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Thursday, June 16, 2011

3rd rejection Xcode may be to blame

so I submitted for I think my 4th or 5th time now. I was rejected three times but two of them I rejected myself since I either did something wrong or was re-exporting due to what is probably the real problem.

Apple kept rejecting my app with feed back stating that my game crashes on launch. I have 3 iphones / ipods here to test on and never once did my game crash. It actually got to the point where I was trying to make it crash at start up simply to get the thing into a state where I could re-produce the issue then try to fix it.

After searching the web more for issues like this I found a forum post that was about the same issue. Apparently lots of Unity game devs have had the same problem. The issue appears to be the apple 4.3 SDK it causes a corruption of the build that causes a crash at start up at apple when testing. I wasn't sure so I also contacted the apple code center to speak to one of the engineers there.

They actually confirmed the issue. using Xcode 4 with 4.3 SDK while using Unity to make a game causes a corrupted export from Xcode. The solution is not for apple to fix this problem that causes months of setbacks but rather have each dev download Xcode 3 with the 4.2 SDK. This may not sound like much of a hassle except for the fact that apple made it next to impossible for developers to download another SDK than 4.3 once it released. I received a link from the engineer answering my ticket linking to it. Here it is...

You will need to log in to download it. But this is the old Xcode 3 with the 4.2 SDK. I am still awaiting approval from the app store after submitting a build from this Xcode but many other people are saying this is the fix.

If you are building with Unity - You need Xcode 3 and 4.2 SDK in order to fix the crash upon launching rejection you will receive from apple. Apple is still working to fix the issue with Xcode 4 but it does not sound like they are very interested in fixing it any time soon. Good luck to you and I hope I can report that this answered my problems and my app would finally be up. This would mean a valid solution for other Unity devs out there. Wish us all luck!

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