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Saturday, May 21, 2011

White Box - Baby Steps (Brian)

First off I want to thank anyone taking the time to read these blogs. I hope you find them informative and entertaining.

My name is Brian and I am an artist in the video games industry. It seems to be a common desire between game developers to pursue their dream of running a game company. But how do you start? Only the accomplished can truly tell you but so few do and the ones that give some insight seem to say the same thing. "I got start up money and took a huge risk" but that doesn't really fit for the average game developer or those aspiring to be such. Granted with great risk comes great reward but for most people in the mid range of employment, that is a luxury we can't find.

Let me clarify that I do love my current job. The game industry is an amazing relaxed place to work in comparison to regular jobs (or what we see as regular) and without it, I can't do what I am trying to do. But every one wants something more. That is why I'm creating White Box. An indie game development company that currently is almost laughable I call it that. But you have to start some place.

The point of White Box isn't just to make games, but to document the process, and share with anyone who wishes to see how we try to accomplish becoming a game developer. To learn from our mistakes or hopefully our achievements.

So please, keep checking back and follow how we try to accomplish something greater. We will share it with anyone who is looking. Hopefully we can all look back over these documents and where we have risen from. Welcome to White Box.


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