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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home stretch... maybe (Brian)

Seems like I'm in the home stretch. But its been a really hard process. Bug fixing trying to make the game work better has slown me down a bit and the iphone approval process takes about a week. So I'm pushing out the release of my game a tad. I'd really like to get this thing out since I have another game I want to focus on more with the other devs.

Another issue is file size. Most people have their ipods and iphones attached to wifi at some point or another but I'd really like Marty to be a game you can download when you're bored in the movie line. The limit for that though is 20 mb to download over a 3G connection and I don't think I can shave the game down to that since I have so many textures for the tutorial level panels. I don't have 20mb of textures but I'm not sure what's happening. I'm going to try some texture compression but it seems to come out looking a little ugly. I haven't tried it all yet though.

I have some bugs that just wont go away and its a hard thing to feel so close and be starting to get sick of looking at this thing. I've played the same 24 levels over and over. Hope it all works out.

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